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Business Style Reforms for the Saison Group

New business styles for the Saison Group

Distribution Strategy using Technologies
Circular distribution of services and merchandise
Saison counter and card strategy

New business styles emerged from heavy industries
Seiyu Nokendai Mechanical-Electronic Shop, a winner of the Nikkei Grand Prix
Interactive Game Disc using a touch panel (Pioneer, Sony and Toshiba), a winner of the Nikkei Grand Prix
Shopping Area Development Poster 1 “Tsukashin Area Development” Leaflet
Japan’s first Shopping Center Tsukashin (1985)
Standard floor plan for Seibu Department Stores Tsukuba with the Saison Counter

Development of the Saison Counter linking merchandise sales and services, Japan’s first retailing counter (introduced at Yurakucho and Tsukuba stores, and spread to all other Seibu Department Stores)


Tokorazawa Seibu Department Store

Tokorazawa Shopping Town Development with the theme of “open to the town.” The first semi-public entertainment and shopping mall.

GAP “WAVE,” Japan’s first commercial complex focusing on music culture (1983)

“Studio ALTA,” Japan’s first large electronic display device on the wall of the building (Niko, 1983)
Sony Pavilion at Tsukuba Science Expo 1985

Planning and management concept for the Sony Jumbotron, the world’s largest interactive electronic display device (1984) in preparation for the Tsukuba Expo ‘85

Kobe Steel “Yukobo” Project
This is an example to turn or diversify a company of heavy industry. The project included the general restructuring of the businesses of Group as a whole, and the “Yukobo” project, a shopping and amusement area on the former steel plant site.
GMS reform Floor for Kids and Amusements
Plan to reform GMS, a major retailing store, to integrate different types of businesses in a shopping complex
After Techno Show
Development plan of Media Bum for Daiei at the occasion of the transfer of its Head Office (Hamamatsucho, Tokyo), and an opening event “After Techno Show.”
アフターテクノショウ アフターテクノショウ
Japan’s first music magazine from Studio ALTA, and the corporate identity (CI) design of Switch, a new type of shop (1983)
YMO book
Contents from the world promotion strategy, and concept for the sound and images of Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) to the production of “VISIC” (Alpha Record) in the early 1980s.
YMO book
スーパースタジオ 鈴木浩二事務所