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Producting New Projects
Super Studio has the expertise necessary to lead new projects into successes.
We have presented new approaches and methods to various industries from heavy industrial and large companies to service businesses, and have been involved in epoch-making projects.
Nikkei and other media evaluate our achievements as "100% probability of success." The following is a list introducing some of our past projects.
Commissioned works from manufacturers: Clients
Automobile manufacturers
Steel manufacturers
Amusement equipment manufactures and centers
Cosmetics makers
Household electric appliance manufacturers
Contents production firms
Commissioned by service providers: Clients
Entertainment facilities
Card service companies
Care-giving services and businesses for the elderly
IT and Internet service providers

Producing and promoting "Three-generation Service Project"( ="Forest around a local shrine Project" ), a collaborative effort by the private sector and local governments

Study ways to unify the domestic sales operations for Toyota,
Joint study on shops and the development of Auto Malls with Toyota Automall Create Pte. Ltd.
development of Auto Malls
Planning and producing business for senior citizens
commissioned by Toyota Business Development Division
(Commissioned by Toyota Motor Corp., Toyota Tsusho Corp., Toyota Memorial Hospital, Mitsubishi Corp., and others)
Planning and producing Auto Malls for Toyota Motor Corp. in cooperation with Aeon Co., Ltd.
(Commissioned by Aeon Group)
Planning shops for new businesses-- shop planning for new and existing shops at the occasion of the introduction of a business method, in cooperation with Aeon Co., Ltd. (Commissioned by Aeon Group)
Producing a highly efficient retailing system dealing with various kinds of merchandise in a commercial complex at the request of Toyota Motor Corp. and its dealership, beverage manufacturers, etc.
Development of a commercial complex containing restaurants, amusement and entertainment centers in front of the Fukuoka Dome, focusing on Namco Ltd. (Commissioned by Namco Ltd.)

Producing the "Three-generation Service Project" connecting the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, retailers and manufacturers.
(Commissioned by t

he Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

Producing multi-functional complexes with amusement centers+ restaurants+ retailing shops for Namco entertainment services (Kobe, Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo, etc.) (Commissioned by Namco Ltd.)
Reforming business styles for convenience stores to introduce services targeted at three generation consumers including the elderly.
(Commissioned by Seven Eleven Japan, Lawson, and Family Mart)
Planning and promoting the "Matching Project" to reform the Internet shopping for Seiyu and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
(Commissioned by Seiyu and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.)
Planning and producing the Kitasuna Development for Ito-Yokado in collaboration with Namco Ltd.
(Commissioned by Seven and I Holdings)
 Planning for an entertainment complex at the Cinema Mediage in Daiba, Koto city in Tokyo - "New World - Newton Circus Far East." Collaboration with Namco Ltd. for Sony Corp.
(Commissioned by Namco Ltd. and Sony Corp.)
New World
Planning city-style an entertainment business by introducing restaurants from Singapore in collaboration with Namco Ltd.
(Commissioned by Namco Ltd.)
Planning Sony Experimental Shops (Commissioned by Sony Group)
Creating a new business plan for Shiseido
(Commissioned by Shiseido)
Creating a new business plan for the Nippon Steel Group
(Commissioned by Nippon Steel Corp., Nippon Steel Trading, Co., Ltd., Saison Group)
Planning for the Japan Steel Works Fuchu Intelligent Park Development Project on the former site of its plant (Commissioned by Fuchu city and Japan Steel)
Fuchu Intelligent Park
Mazda Eunos Marketing Project
  (Commissioned by Mazda Motors)  
Mazda Eunos Marketing Project
Shiseido Town Development Project
(Commissioned by Shiseido)
Makeup Artist Tony Tanaka Business Development
(Commissioned by Tony Tanaka)
Planning the General Business Strategy for JR Tokai on the occasion of going public (Commissioned by Central Japan Railway Company)
Planning the general business development plan for the Seto Line of JR Tokai
(Commissioned by Central Japan Railway Company)
Planning the group strategy for the Suzuyo Group
(Commissioned by Suzuyo)
Planning Care-giving Services and Businesses for the Elderly using information technologies
(Commissioned by Japan Care Service & Medica Japan)
Kobe Steel "Yu-kobo Project" on the former Akashi Okubo Plant.
  In a department store, a small factory was housed and its products were sold in the store.
(Commissioned by Kobe Steel)
Kobe Steel "Yu-kobo Project"
Planning events at the former Kobe Steel Wakihama Plant site
(Commissioned by Kobe Steel, Ltd.)
Redevelopment of the former Kurabo factory site in Anjo city
(Commissioned by Kurabo Industries, Ltd. & Seiyu)
Developing and implementing the "Saison Counter" connecting sales and services, the first experimental sales style for the Saison Group
(Commissioned by Saison Group)
  (Beginning with Yurakucho Seibu and Tsukuba Seibu Department stores and the Counter was gradually introduced to all department stores in the Saison Group)  
"Saison Counter"
Symbolic Clients of New Projcects
Shiseido Co., Ltd. Implementation of:
Management reform for the whole company
      Creation of a grand design
Sony Corp. Opening of Sony Experimental Shops using high-tech media.
Planning and implementing Sony Jumbotron, a large electronic display device used at the Science Expo in Tsukuba in 1985
Nippon Steel Corp. and Nippon Steel Trading Co., Ltd. Planning to diversify its business in addition to steel manufacturing
Planning to use the Kamaishi Smeltery for other purposes and redevelop the former plant district
Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Plan for restructuring plan of the operations of the Kobe Steel Group
Planning and implementing the downtown and shopping complex development project on the former steel manufacturing plant sites.
Kobe Steel Group
Mazda Motor Corp.
Planning the development of a new distribution channel "Eunos" for Mazda and Ford, and spreading the sales channel across the country.
"Eunos" for Mazda
Central Japan Railway Company Preparing the JR general plan at the occasion of its listing on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and eliminating deficit railroad lines (diversifying its business operations)
Toyota Motor Corp.

Preparing the Business Plan for the whole Toyota jointly with the Business Development Division of Toyota (underway)
Implementing a business project focusing on the sales of motorcars for senior citizens (underway)

Japan Steel Works, Ltd. Planning Japan's first Intelligent Business City on the former factory site for Fuchu city in Tokyo


Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Proposing a distribution plan to send beers directly from breweries using the convenience store networks
Namco, Ltd. Planning and implementing the reform and expansion of game and amusement business
Planning the structure and implementation plan for complexes containing game and amusement facilities and restaurants
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