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KOJI  SUZUKI   Total Project-Producer ―― SUPER STUDIO.INC
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日野自動車本社工場跡地 活用計画固まる
New! Media Release
in 2015

NEW Media Releases in 2013-
Media Releases in 2013
(MICE project and
Automobile-related Special Zone)

日野自動車本社工場跡地 活用計画固まる
Media Release in 2011

Media Release in 2009

Media Coverage
Recruit Co,,Ltd.
Media Magazine

"Beyond the frame of architecture, he produces political matters and
cultural epoch"
Nikkei Media Magazine
"Featuring three top producers in Japan"
Nikkei Architecture

Nikkei Architecture
"Takes leadership as a brain outside a company in large-scale projects in and outside Japan."
Gakken [Spatial Design]

Gakken "Spatial Design"
"A business strategist and project producer SUZUKI talks about the business reform of the Saison Group."
Play Graph

Leisure Industry Maga-zine
"Preparing an elaborate strategy along the success image of a project"
スーパースタジオ 鈴木浩二事務所